How to make your sofa bed more comfortable in 10 steps

A sofa bed provides an extra bed for visitors as well as easy sitting for family members when converted to a sofa. It is a fantastic option for sleepovers and they're also great for ill days when curling up in front of the TV with a bowl of warm soup or a steaming mug of tea to recuperate. Though a pull-out couch bed has numerous advantages, it can falls short in terms of comfort. Keep reading to learn how to make your sofa bed more comfortable in a few simple steps. 


1. Use a mattress topper

A mattress topper is a layer of fabric that can be made from microfibre, cotton, foam or gel infused foam that can be placed over your mattress. Adding a mattress topper to your sofa bed is a simple and affordable tip that can help you to get a good nights sleep regardless of the level of thickness that your mattress is on. Choose a mattress pad that is at least 1.5 inches thick, whatever your preference may be. Memory foam toppers, for example, are an excellent alternative for improving the comfort of your couch bed. Aside from that, be sure to cover both the mattress topper and the mattress with the same sheet to avoid nighttime sliding. Mattress clips can be used to secure the topper to the mattress which can be purchased at amazon.


2. Use multiple pillows

The sort of pillow you use has a significant impact on the quality of your sleep and your choice can determine whether you get a good night's sleep or none at all. Instead of using the couch cushions, invest in some nice sleeping pillows to make your sofa bed even more comfortable. You can choose between pillows made of feathers or other fluffy materials to feel as if you are sleeping on soft clouds. Pillows constructed of visco-elastic foam are a suitable choice for persons with allergies or joint problems.


3. Use a duvet

If a mattress topper or extra pillows are not enough, a duvet might be a good option to improve the comfort of your sofa bed. You could throw an additional duvet on top of the sofa bed to provide another layer and sleep on it instead of covering yourself with it. Because most duvets are thick, this will provide additional back support which will help especially if your sofa bed is starting to sag because of the length of time you have been using it. When you have sorted this you can then use a blanket, sleeping bag, or extra duvet to sleep under - the highest level of comfort.


4. Use a blanket 

When it comes to blankets, not all of them are created equal. A heated blanket with dense padding, for example, is great in the winter but dreadful in the summer. If it's summer or you live in a tropical region, you can use cooling blankets, particularly ones made of cotton. This type of blanket is useful in the summer to increase ventilation and avoid waking up in a sweat pool due to overheating during the night. Using a weighted blanket is another fantastic option if you desire deep pressure treatment to ease tension.

5. Regularly clean your mattress

Keeping a sofa bed clean is one method to make it more comfy.A dirty mattress is not something that you or any of your guests will enjoy sleeping on. If it isn't the scent that bothers you, it will be the crumbs from cookies, spills, dust flecks, and filth poking you while you attempt to sleep.  One easy way to prevent this from happenin is to use a vacuum cleaner and stain remover. Before you thoroughly clean the mattress on your sofa bed make sure to fully unfold it, remove the bed linene covers and covers so you can leave the couch mattress out in the open and allow it to air. You can also give it a relaxing perfume smell by spraying it with fabric refresher.


6. Flip your mattress to the other side 

A sinking mattress can cause stiffness in the spine, back discomfort, and hip pain. Flipping it over is one method for reducing the sag of mattress and it will help it last longer and increase air circulation. To know whether your mattress needs flipping, put a level yardstick across the surface of the mattress. It's time to flip it if you see any uneven spaces beneath.


7. Make your own base 

If you have a drooping mattress or a squeaky sofa bed frame, plywood or simply 2 slabs of wood can help make your pull-out sofa bed more comfy. To begin, place the plywood between the box spring and the mattress to provide additional support. Make sure to cut the plywood to the same dimensions as your sofa bed mattress and check that they are not too sharp or abrasive. Similarly, if you sleep on a thin foam mattress and the wood slab is excessively firm, you may get back pain. If the cushioning is less than 4 inches thick, you don't need to use plywood in this scenario.

8. Use essential oils in your room 

Aromatherapy is a wonderful method to make your couch bed more inviting to sleep in for your visitors. It employs soothing scents to ease tension and make falling asleep simpler. It might be roses, lavender, lemon, vanilla, peppermint, sandalwood, or any other scent that appeals to you. Before you go to sleep, install an oil diffuser with your favourite smell next to your sofa bed or you can also spritz the bedding with a small amount of the fragrant essential oil combined with water.


9. Check if anything needs repairing

 If you detect anything weird on your sofa bed, no matter how minor, you must address it immediately before it becomes a larger problem. The following are some examples of typical difficulties with sleeper couches that must be addressed right away:

  • Rust in the joints - This makes it harder to extend the frame out of the couch bed and it makes a squeaking noise. 
  • Upholstery on a sofa bed that is soiled or tattered
  • Poor back support when you sleep - this can cause you to wake up with a hurting back or a stiff spine.
  • It might be an allergy or a pest problem if you wake up with itchy or sensitive skin.

10. Purchase a new mattress 

If you try everything else and it still doesn't work, it might be time to invest in a new and better sleeping sofa. 

It's time to replace your old, worn-out, or thin mattress with a new one made of high-quality materials if it's too old, worn-out, or thin to be comfortable. Hybrid, pocket coil, and memory foam are examples of great mattresses that you can purchase right here on the Furnitureful shop. For a sofa bed, mattresses with a thickness of 4 to 5 inches are a good choice or a  queen-size mattresses with a thickness of at least 7 to 10 inches.

We hope these tips help you with having the best comfortable sleep in your sofa bed! Make sure to look at our blog for more sofa bed tips and much more.

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