How to measure your room for a new Sofa Bed

Over time sofa beds are becoming a requirement in our homes to offer every guest the perfect sleeping experience. One thing that is important to do in preparation for your sofa bed is to measure your living room, guest room or wherever your pull out sofa bed is going to go. Measuring your area for a sofa bed is critical as you will need to consider where your sofa bed will go and how you intend to use it. Alongside this, it's also important to consider the access points in your room so you can pay attention to how you will enter your room and use it. 

Here at Furnitureful we know that the first thing we all want to do when we get home is rest and unwind in front of the television. Perhaps you already have a place to do this on your ottoman bed in the main bedroom, but the same can also happen in your spare bedroom or the living room, on a sofa bed. When living in a compact place with only enough room for one main piece of furniture, it is typical to desire to choose the largest sofa bed available however when planning up your room make sure to keep in mind how much space you have. For example, next to your sofa bed do you want a place for a side table or coffee table to put your drinks and books on? When deciding which size of sofa bed is suitable for your room, this is a key decision to make.

Make some room

How to measure your room for a sofa bed_Furnitureful

Make sure to think about  the following things as you prepare to set up your sofa bed: 

  • You should allow at least 40cm between the couch and the coffee table so you can easily go around the coffee table to the sofa bed.
  • You should try to have at least 30cm on one or both sides of the couch bed. This means that while it's open, you or your visitors will have easy access to the bed.The more room you have, the easier it will be for your visitors to go around.
  • Make sure to check that you can still open doors when your sofa bed is both closed and open as a bed  

Measure how you will access your Sofa Bed 


After you've determined the size of bed you'll need and the size of sofa that will fit in your space, the following step is to measure the access of all your room's entry points.

  • Is the height of your door no less than the breadth of the mattress of your couch bed? If that's the case, make sure the access is large enough to move the object in the other direction.
  • How about your Staircases? What is your height like? Are you able to manoeuvre pieces around this area? Make sure to ask for help from friends and family when it comes to carrying your sofa bed and trying to move it to your desired space. If you don't have a stair case, feel free to ignore this point.

Extra tip!

  • Consider any additional things, such as picture frames, radiators, or light fixtures, that may take up some of your space in corridors or entranceways. Some things can potentially be knocked over so it may be a good idea to rearrange your decor to make way for this space-saving sofa bed to be used. 

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