How To Mix Bedroom Furniture

How to mix bedroom furniture

People still question whether it’s okay to mix bedroom furniture and of course, it is, having furniture sets is a dated thing of the past. When you mix and match furniture it is a lot more fun and interesting.

How do you mix your furniture whilst still making your bedroom look cohesive?

If the only way the bedroom looks done to you is if all the furniture matches then you won’t need to do much, all you will have to do is purchase a furniture set of your choice and arrange it in your bedroom. Mixing and matching furniture can be difficult as you will need to find pieces of furniture that are cohesive with each other and look good. The whole purpose of mixing furniture is to make your bedroom completely unique and different to anyone else’s.

Tips on how to mix furniture:

Start with one piece of furniture - if you already possess a piece of furniture that you love, you should start with that and work around it. It is a lot easier to purchase other pieces of furniture if you already have something that you want to use in the bedroom.

Some things can match - you shouldn’t try to match the larger items of furniture as this will be very obvious. You should try something small like matching nightstands at first. As long as the bed is different it will break up and distract anyone from the matching night stands.

The bed - the bed in any bedroom is the main item so it should be the focal point of the bedroom. The bed should stand out so you should try not to match it to any other items of furniture.

Vary furniture - you should mix up the colour, material and style of some of the items of furniture. Try mixing round shapes and rectangular shapes in the bedroom as well as different styles.

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