How To Really Clean Your Carpets

How to really clean your carpets

Who needs professional cleaning when all you need is a few regular cleaning items from your store and some time? When it comes to stains on carpet, it is not something we can avoid. Accidents happen - a spill from a toddler, a muddy footprint from a visitor or general discoloration from wear and tear. It happens. So, use these tips so you know how to clean your carpet like a professional!


First step is to vacuum your carpet to get rid of surface level debris, dirt, and grime.

Use a squeegee to get rid of pet hair and a lint roller for crumbs if you want!

Sprinkle over some carpet hoover powder and leave for 5 minutes. Then hoover it up!

Apply carpet shampoo

Add carpet shampoo to remove more deeply rooted dirt, grime, mud, and dust which - if done regularly- can work just as well as a steam cleaner!

Follow the instructions and leave for whatever the recommended time (approximately 15 minutes). Hoover and dry the carpet faster by opening windows, using fans, and opening the doors.

Carpet shampoos are incredible and effective, they are great for food, drink and pet stains, odours and general grime. You can also use a carpet detergent to restore the colour of your carpets and rugs too!

Baking soda

The first easy hack of using baking soda is a very easy one. Baking soda is another technique to clean carpets and is very easy too. Simply sprinkle baking soda on top of your carpet, let it absorb for a couple of hours and then vacuum it. Repeat this process once a month and you will see that your carpet will look fresh, free from stains and foul odours.

The second hack requires a little more work. Mix baking soda and salt in equal quantities. You can use your regular salt or kosher salt. Sprinkle this mixture on top of your carpet liberally. Then, spritz over with some cold water (you can fill a spray bottle with water to do this). You should spray enough so that the carpet goes damp, not soaking wet. Lastly, scrub the carpet so the baking soda-salt solution can really absorb and work in the carpet- use a dish brush for good results. Lastly, wipe away loose dirt, soil, dust and grime with an old cloth, rag or towel and allow the carpet to air dry. Vacuum the carpet to remove any residues of baking soda, soil, and dirt.

Vinegar and water solution

You can also clean your carpet by creating vinegar and water solutions in the ratio 1:3. All you have to do is spray the solution on your carpet, wait 5-10 minutes and blot with a microfiber cloth. Make sure you have a bowl or bucket of cold water so you can rinse the cloth to clean it and continue to blot until it is clean.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a very professional and advanced carpet cleaning technique - if you really want to get a deep clean then this is for you! Steam cleaning involves the use of cleaning carpet with water and heat, hence ‘steam’. So through a vacuum, hot water at a high pressure deconstructs and extracts dirt, grease, oils and other contaminants. Some steam cleaners combine water and heat with a detergent which can be very powerful.

Quick tips

  • Once your Carpet is clean there are plenty of ways to keep it that way.
  • Don’t wear shoes on your carpet and ask your guest to take their shoes off.
  • Use welcome mats so guests can wipe their shoes on there
  • Use carpet powder and Vacuum regularly
  • Don’t use bleach on your carpet as it will discolour and ruin it

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