How to repair a sofa bed in 3 simple steps!

by Sophie Iroegbunam January 24, 2022 2 min read

How to repair a sofa bed in 3 simple steps!

Sofa beds are one of many bed choices that are both stylish and practical for the home. However like all items in the home, over time you can experience wear and tear or even damage to your sofa bed accidentally by any means. Many people wonder whether it is possible to repair a sofa bed once it has been damaged or whether the only option is to repair it. In this blog we will cover exactly that, in a few simple steps!

One common part of sofa beds which can break are the wooden parts. This is because the wood can crack after repeated use. However it is not impossible to repair these things with a few tips and tricks.

Before you do any repairs, make sure to properly look at the sofa bed and determine where the damage is. You can do this by firstly turning the sofa bed upside down and looking to see if there is any obvious damage to the wood on the legs, arms or where wood is joined together. You should look out for the longer pieces of wood as the pressure from using the sofa bed over time can affect it as a pressure point



For small cracks.

What will you need? 

For smaller cracks, all you will need is strong glue and a clamp.

Step 1: Use a small knife or screwdriver to break the split open.

When you do this you can ensure for a clean and even split for the repair

Step 2: Use glue to fill the crack 

(You may find wood glue for this task) and use the applicator bottle to inject glue into the crack.

Step 3: Use a clamp for stability.

After you have done this make sure to place a clamp over it to ensure stability. You can do this throughout if you notice a few more cracks.


For major splits and cracks.

What will you need? 

For bigger cracks, you will require Strong glue, Pieces of ¾ inch plywood, a staple gun, 1 ½ staple for the gun.

Step 1: Add some plywood.

If you find that the cracks are serious or completely broken it may be better to reinforce the structure by adding a piece of plywood to it so it can be properly covered. This piece of wood can be about ¾ inches cut to your desired length and doubled for either side for the crack if you are able to access them both. 


Step 2: Add a good amount of glue to the area

Make sure to apply glue to one side of the wooden plank also. 

Step 3: Use the staple gun to staple the plank of wood the affected area 

For both situations make sure to allow the glue to dry overnight before you go back to using the sofa bed. Once it is try you can go head and lie on your mattress and replace the pillows in preparation for another good nights sleep.

We hope these steps help you on your steps to restoring your sofa bed. Make sure to catch our next blog when we will be going through some more steps on how to repair your sofa bed!

Sophie Iroegbunam
Sophie Iroegbunam

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