How To Spring Clean Your Home, Mind, And Body

How To Spring Clean Your Home, Mind, And Body

Spring marks the seasons of new life, as animals are born, and flowers begin to bloom through the grass. It is truly a colourful and important season.

Spring brings about many changes, and many people use it as a ‘season of hope’. This includes a myriad of things, such as making positive changes to your life, spring cleaning the home and mind, and making steps for manifesting new goals in life.

Mental health is truly becoming a less stigmatised and stereotyped topic- where people have taken it to be more significant and important to look after. Mental health has also been a more dominating topic than ever as we realise the vast importance of it in our life.  Bad mental health can negatively impact how we feel, think and act, which affects our physical health, the way we socially interact with others, our relationships, and friendships, how we handle stress and decisions, our academic performance at work or school, and even threaten our life. The significance of looking after our mental health is coequal to physical health … it’s just as important! 

However, the extent of our efforts for looking after our mental health can be overlooked and ignored so easily. This spring and summer let’s look at ways to spring clean your home, mind, and body. 


  • Declutter all your rooms of unused, old, or broken objects, items, and clothes
  • Clean, disinfect and hoover
  • Ventilate! Open the windows and doors 
  • Change your bedding, use clean sheets, cushions, and blankets.
  • Use scented candles, sprays, flowers to liven up the home.


  • Journaling your thoughts
  • Making a list of positive affirmations and things that are going well
  • Mediate, pray and focus on developing self-peace and healing
  • Work on self-compassion throughout day-to-day life, or when going through hardship.
  • Listen to inspirational and positive podcasts, YouTube Videos, social media sites that are healthy to reflect and improve your correct emotional wellbeing. 
  • Talk to family, friends, advisors, and professionals to help you deconstruct limiting beliefs and address mental health concerns
  • Unfollow or delete any unhealthy social media accounts 


  • Get into a routine for daily exercise, whatever you love doing, such as yoga, running, or weightlifting.
  • Make a routine for getting enough sleep and rest.
  • Eat well, make a realistic meal-planning schedule. 
  • Clean your body! Have a bath or shower with your favourite gels and lotions. 
  • Look after your appearance and hygiene by putting on some clean clothes, applying perfumes, brushing your hair, brushing your teeth, and shaving.

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