How To Stop Divan Beds From Moving

How to stop divan beds from moving

Place a rug under the bed:

By doing this it will stop your divan bed from moving around, this is a cheap but effective way of solving your problem. However it is not a long term solution so when looking for a permanent solution you should look into alternative methods, the rug will also help with keeping heat in, so as soon as you step out of your bed you won’t be stepping onto the cold floor.

Add rubber feet to the feet:

You can add rubber to the feet of your bed this can be a temporary solution but if you want it to be permanent then you will have to drill screws, you can also use sticky rubber adhesive to stick the rubber onto the bed feet, this solution isn’t visible to the naked eye, however, some rubber feet can cover the base of the feet and be visible making it less subtle and difficult to hide

Put your bed against the wall:

By putting your bed against the wall it is less likely to move around. It is more secure as there are solid walls against the bed. To make this permanent you can always screw the bed frame into the wall this will last quite a while, however, does mean that you won’t be able to change your room around as the bed will be attached to the wall.

Add a headboard:

You can always add a headboard and screw it into the wall, this also helps with preventing any movement of the bedframe.

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