How To Style Your Bedroom For A Mindful Morning Routine

How to style your bedroom for a mindful morning routine

Morning routines: spend your mornings methodically to keep physically and mentally calm, collected and peaceful. Perfect for people who run high-stress occupations or those who have a busy day-to-day life, it is fundamental that the day starts with some zen-like, ‘you’ time before the day sweeps you away in its chaos. Whoever you are, whatever you do, we all should have a mindful routine so we don’t wake up stressed (already!), so you can feel more productive throughout the day, and so you can set the tone for the day: calm!

Mornings are great to get into a state of utter peace and contentment because once the day begins, distractions start and a mindful routine is impossible to practise. Even the most successful people have a great morning routine, so get into one! Here's how to prep your bedroom to get ready for a healthy mindful morning!

Bedroom, be calm!

The most peaceful thing you can do when styling your bedroom is to use calming colours. From the wall paint to the colour of your bed sheets - keep it simple and subtle, don't go too wild on the colour and pattern.

When it comes to a colour choice, you can go for a soothing, soft blue, which is known to have a calming and tranquil effect- whether that be a sea blue or a blue-grey- the choice is yours!. Soft colours, pastel colours, and even gender-neutral colours will work perfectly! This includes things like white/off-white, cream, blue-grey, sage green, any pastel colour ( such as pastel pink, pastel purple, pastel yellow etc), beige and taupe.

Never go for those bright, vivid colours if you want to have a mindful morning routine, such as hot pink, a too harsh yellow/orange, or that highlighter sort of green. These colours are too wild and distracting when it comes to peace.

Go for monochromatic colour ( use one colour), or just 2 simple ones! This will create a clean, simple and feng shui atmosphere for the mindful morning.

Keep it natural

Similar to minimalism and Japandi style, keep your bed, the furniture and accessories natural.

They should be manufactured from natural materials and fibres. For example, go for natural filling rather than synthetic filling for your bed-related items.

Furniture should be made of natural materials such as wood, and simple craftsmanship and design. Other natural materials you can use are linen, timber stools, sisal rugs, wool, terracotta pots, bamboo, hemp, paper, and rattan.

Keeping your environment natural and simple will give your morning mind more stability and balance.

Keep it comfortable

Keep your bedroom comfortable by incorporating additional comfortable items on your bed, so drape a comforter or quilt over the bed, or hang it on a chair so you can keep yourself comfortable and warm when the morning comes (and during the night). Add in throw blankets and throw cushions to amp up the comfort factor of your bedroom.

Keeping your bed comfortable is a great motivator to making your bed in the morning, as well as contributing to the zen-like atmosphere we are going for!

Assure that you keep bed-related items natural, for example, your duvet should be made of a natural filling ( not synthetic fillings) so that it is more comfortable, soft, and breathable. The same goes for your pillow, bed and mattress accessories.

Keep the mess away

Yes, just like how a too vibrant and wild colour palette can be distracting and the antithesis of a peaceful morning routine, the same goes with the general mess. We want to have a clean mind, so clear up the mess.

Declutter and Incorporate furniture that can keep the mess away. Ottoman beds are great for storing away bed-related items, out-of-season clothes and general items. Have storage furniture such as nesting baskets, storage cubes, floating shelves, and trunks to keep things off the floor or strewn across chairs in your bedroom.

Think of getting multi-functional furniture to keep furniture from clogging up too much space. For example, if you were to get a stool or a bench, get one that has storage!

A plant here, a plant there…

There’s no bedroom accessory that emanates peace more than a potted plant or flower. Go for live houseplants, as opposed to artificial ones, and place them in your bedroom. Greeny, leafy plants are great, as well as flowers that have spots of colour. They both work great! They add so much peace to your bedroom and even add accent colour so it is not bare of life or colour!

A space for your thoughts

Create a space in your bedroom where you can work on your thoughts, feelings and emotions! Your morning routine should have journaling and meditation, where you can focus on your spirituality, your mental state, self-healing, reflection and how you want to start the day.

This space doesn't have to be somewhere special or big - anywhere where you feel comfortable thinking! This can be on your bed, on a window seat, on a comfortable chair next to your window, or on a table in your room.

A space for some easy movement

A great morning routine should have some space for some healthy, light movement to get the blood flowing. All it takes is 10 minutes! Do something easy such as yoga, some stretches, some breathing exercises, or even free-style it!

So create a space in your bedroom for some movement - it doesn't have to be a big space. You can even place a basket in the corner of the space to store a rolled-up yoga mat!

Once you have a space ready, you can implement your regular morning routine to warm up your body, which is great for muscle tension, pain, digestion, blood flow, and even weight!

Sunlight is healthy

After waking up in the morning and making your bed, the next thing to do is to open the curtains! Make sure you have the correct curtains for the season- thick drapes for the winter to block out the cold and draft, and for summer, sheer curtains are great as they are thin light curtains. Or, you can use blinds for the summer season.

Either way, clear the area around your window, ensuring that nothing is blocking the light!

You should also have lamps next to your bed on a bedside table so you can switch them on to wake up. You will need to have practical lighting in your room which is suitable for mornings- nothing too harsh. Dimmers or track lighting are great as you can control how much lighting you want to fill the room. So get a light that is practical for a peaceful morning or evening, as well as one that is for productivity so you can easily do tasks during the working day.

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