How to style your Sofa bed for ultimate comfort

Sofa beds have the bad reputation of being hard and lumpy beds that neither you or your guests look forward to sleeping on. As time has gone on many more styles have become available and sofa beds are quickly becoming both practical and stylish for the home. If you recently upgraded your main bedroom with one of our upholstered grey ottoman beds or refreshed your children room with a new hybrid mattress, it might be time to upgrade your guest bedroom also with these simple tips for your sofa bed!

There are many ways that you can style your folding sofa bed. Many come in neutral shades of black, brown and grey which means you can be creative with furnishing. You can use the following things to style your sofa bed which will make you want to be a guest for the night also!

Bedding sets

The quality of the bedding has a direct impact on the amount of comfort on your sofa bed. Comfortable bedding may enhance the quality of your sleep greatly. The majority of pull-out couch beds are full-size, however, different sizes are available. Purchase bedding that is suited to the size of your sofa bed so that you dont have to worry about the covers not covering you properly. You can also consider purchasing mattress clips to hold any bed sheets that you choose to use in place, especially if you will not be using a mattress topper. 

Here at furnitureful we love this elegant waffle kingsize Duvet set. The texture and colour is simple but luxurious!


Pillows and Cushions

Filling any gaps with cushions is another technique to make a couch bed more comfortable. This allows the sleeper to spread out further when sleeping, making the experience more pleasant. Filling in the space with a second pillow can also help keep the sleeping pillow in place and provide a better night's sleep. Cushions like this one from Primark are neutral and will keep the bedroom feeling relaxed. Go for cushions with a linen or velvet material for a relaxed feel


Throws are also perfect for making your guest room feel like a hotel getaway. Throws can be affordable and they come in different textures. For a variation in comfort use different texts on your pillow and throws for a more lavish experience. We like this ribbed one from Primark. Remember neutral colours are perfect to make the room suitable for any person who stays in it so they feel calm and not overwhelmed by bright and bold colours. 



Rugs are an easy way of transforming your guest bedroom. Make sure to go for textures that are soft, not rough to the feel so that your guests will feel like a king or queen walking over them. This rug from Online Home Shop is fluffy and cosy enough to add a final touch to your spare bedroom. 


We hope todays blog gave you a few extra tips on how to style your sofa bed Keep your eyes on the Furnitureful blog for more space-saving , sofa bed tips and inspiration!

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