How To Tidy Your Bedroom - An Organisational Project

How to tidy your bedroom - an organisational project

Curate everything

Select everything in your room that is necessary, organise them and look after it! When it comes to selecting, assure that you keep necessities and declutter/ donate unused items - a circular solution for economic waste which is great for the environment and economy! Organise your room into sectional areas- sleeping, working, clothing, reading area etc.

An organised room allows for a better night's sleep, and better focus for other tasks in each sectional area. There's a place to switch off for the night, and a place to concentrate on tasks!

Think storage

Your bedroom can accumulate a lot of filth, let's be honest. Dirty laundry strewn across chairs and over the floor, scattered books and blankets. Tidy this mess by implementing effective storage furniture such as having an ottoman bed to store extra blankets, cushions, and bed-related accessories and even out-of-season clothes. You can also get book organisers, desk organisers, drawer organisers, laundry hampers, closet hanger organisers, nesting baskets etc to arrange and store everything.

Having already decluttered and donated items should already half the amount of tidying up time and makes storing miscellaneous items much easier.

Make the bed

It sounds too simple, but it's effective for a tidy bedroom tip: make your bed the first thing when you wake up. Making the bed first thing will set the tone for the day: you have accomplished the first task of the day and you can come home to a ready-set, inviting bed. No more messy sheets. It is very unlikely you will get a chance to make the bed throughout the day, so do it first thing in the morning!

Change your bed’s sheets! Make this a regular habit, changing into clean sheets at least once a week. This will make your room look and feel so much cleaner and more organised! Arrange your bed with your favourite throw cushions and blankets of course, and store the extra bed items away.

Add a sprinkle of your style

Your room is a reflection of you, your own canvas to style and design how you like! Whether you share or have your own, paint the walls to your choice of colour, spread your favourite art on the walls, add accent furniture such as throw pillows and blankets and place plants/flowers in your room. A room you enjoy is a room you will love to tidy up and look after. So make it a place of comfort and style!

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