How to Warm up a Memory Foam Mattress

How to Warm up a Memory Foam Mattress


Simply no. It is well-advised that you shouldn't use a hot water bottle, heat pads or an electric blanket on a memory foam mattress. This is why...

Memory foam and heat explained

Memory Foam Mattresses have heat-sensitive properties which are how it contours to your body shape when sleeping, supplying maximum comfort and pressure alleviation.

Using a hot water bottle on a memory foam mattress can compromise the functioning of the memory foam and is likely to cause enduring damage to the foam.

Hot Water Bottle


Does heat affect Memory Foam?

Surplus heat can affect the mattresses ability to mould to the contours of your body, damaging the inner construction. Thus, the use of an electrical blanket and heat pad are not appropriate for a memory foam mattress.

Your body's heat and warmth are sufficient to mould your mattress to your body's curves. So, the foam of your mattress will respond to your body heat and effectively hold that heat due to its compact structure.

Tips on how to warm up memory foam

  • Put a thick rug under your bed (if you have floorboards)

  • Keep the windows closed and use denser curtains

  • Turn up the thermostat

  • Add additional blankets and throws

  • Use thicker sheets

Thermostat to control temperature

These easy tips can make a substantial difference to the ambience of your bedroom.

If you're concerned about the temperature being too hot or too cold at night time, then why not opt-in for our Hybrid mattresses which offer a cooler night's sleep?

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