How Wide Is A King Size Bed?

How wide is a king size bed?

A king size bed is 5 feet wide or 76 inches wide if you want to know the width of the bed in another measurement. With the width of the bed, you can fit two people comfortably on the bed. If you really wanted to you could fit three people on the king size bed if you wanted to. Buying any other bed smaller than a king size bed would be an extremely tight fit for two people let alone three people assuming this bed is for fully grown adults.

Buying a wider bed is an option with the super king bed frame, Caesar or emperor bed frames. If you plan on purchasing one of these bed frames, then you should expect to have a lot of width on the bed in terms of space. With the emperor or the Caesar bed frames you could probably fit four maybe five people on the bed frame with ease since the bed frame is so large, to begin with.

If you cannot fit a king size bed frame in the room, you want it to be in then you could try for a queen size bed frame if you want if the king size bed frame is a couple of inches to big for the space that was initially prepared for it will probably fit a queen size bed frame instead.

Purchasing a bed frame that does not fit the space that was prepared for it can be a pain so make sure the measurements for the length and width match the space and the bed frame you are planning to buy so that you do not waste your money in the process.

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