Hybrid mattress care instructions

Hybrid mattress care instructions

How are hybrid mattresses delivered?

Hybrid mattresses are delivered the same ways normal mattresses are delivered, they are transported from point a to b in a van. However, the size of the mattress and whether it comes in a box or wrapped in plastic is up to the manufacturer.

How to open a hybrid mattress

Most mattresses are compressed when they arrive. The mattress also needs time to expand and fluff out, the steps leading up to this point are quite simple. You remove the mattress from the box, roll it out, take off the plastic wrapping, lay it on the floor for a few hours and leave it for the mattress to expand and then you can place it onto the bed frame and sleep on it. The first few days may be uncomfortable as your body will be getting used to the mattress.

How to store a hybrid mattress

The best way to store a hybrid mattress is by covering it with plastic wrap, and storing the mattress lying flat, this is because if you store it upright or to its side, for a long time isn’t a good idea as it could affect the springs and materials in the mattress. Laying it flat in storage will help keep the quality to a high standard.

How to take care of a hybrid mattress

There are a few steps you can use to take care of a mattress, you can add a mattress cover, to help preserve and keep the original utter fabric clean. You can also add a mattress topper to protect the original mattress and add an extra layer for comfort. Clean your mattress once a month by vacuuming it and rotate the mattress monthly to help prevent wearing the mattress out too soon.

Can I fold a hybrid mattress?

The only type of mattress that can be folded or rolled is a plain memory foam mattress, a hybrid mattress usually contains springs and other materials, therefore it will be difficult to fold or roll a hybrid mattress. Also if you do try to fold or roll a mattress it may damage the mattress, ruining your chances of a good night’s sleep. 

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