Can Hybrid Mattresses Help Improve Your Sleep

Can a Hybrid Mattress Help Improve Your Sleep?

Want a more comfortable sleep? A hybrid mattress might be perfect for you!

A new species of rave-worthy mattresses is emerging and it’s transforming how we sleep. Hybrid mattresses. This innovative solution (a combination of diverse materials that work surprisingly well together) answers the call to an age-old problem – how to get a better night’s sleep. No longer must we choose between coils (innerspring), latex, memory foam or even gel – we can have it all in one sweet sleep system inside your mattress.

We think hybrid mattresses are a smart trend on the market. What’s more, they offer a cutting edge, customizable approach to overcome the limitations of traditional bedding materials.

Hybrid Mattress on top of Bed

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

The word “hybrid” is used to describe a product that is made by combining different components to produce similar but improved results. A hybrid car, for example, is powered by both an electric motor and an internal combustion engine, which relies more on renewable resources, reduces gas consumption and emits less pollution. Good for your wallet and good for the planet.

A Hybrid Mattress, a multi-layer unit, combines an innerspring system with memory foam, latex or gel – or all three. The result is a mattress with improved pressure point relief (thanks to the foam layers) along with the sturdiness of a traditional spring mattress.

While all of these materials on their own can deliver a great night’s sleep, combining them improves their effectiveness and extends the life of your mattress. Some mattress experts feel that hybrid mattresses reduce the chance of body impressions because the construction materials support each other in ways we’ve never seen before.

Is a Hybrid Mattress right for you?

A Hybrid Mattress might be a good choice for you if you answer yes to the following questions:

  • You sleep on a coil, latex and or memory foam mattress and feel something is missing.

  • You sleep hot and, while memory foam feels good on your joints, you’re uncomfortably warm under the covers.

  • You sleep cold and, while you like to enjoy the buoyancy of springs, you just can’t stay warm at night.

  • You like to be on the cutting edge of technology.

Close up of Hybrid Mattress on bed

Still not sure a hybrid mattress is right for you? These questions and answers about what’s inside your mattress might help.

  • Difference between a Hybrid and a Memory Foam Mattress? - Hybrid mattresses are the union of individually wrapped pocketed coils and memory foam. The springs provide the bounce that people love about innerspring mattresses while memory foam absorbs excess motion between partners and allows you to sink into the mattress.

  • Difference between a Hybrid Mattress and a Latex Mattress? - Latex mattresses are often described as buoyant, allowing you to sleep on your mattress rather than in it. Combining latex with an innerspring coil unit provides exceptional airflow and superior pressure point relief.

  • Are Hybrid Mattresses good for back pain? - The best mattress for back pain is one that supports your spine while conforming to your shape. Conformability describes how a mattress will subtly mould to the unique curves of your body. A mattress with good conformability will relieve pressure point pain and protect your back from pain, which perfectly describes a hybrid mattress.

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