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Buying housewarming gifts is no easy task. We want to spend our money and time on something that will be appreciated and used- not at the bottom of the bin! When buying a housewarming gift, there are a few things to keep in mind, such as what do the homeowners need? What is practical? Here are a few ideas to get it right!

A houseplant!

A classic, beautiful, and fragrant gift is a houseplant! Whether that be a live one or artificial, houseplants are a lovely gift when somebody has moved into a new house! You could go to a garden centre if you are looking to get a good quality, lush and live houseplant, or any store that sells outdoor greenery! Pair this gift with a housewarming celebratory card and you're good to go! You can always go artificial of course, but if you go for a live houseplant, assure you pick one that is easy to look after and an indoor one, so it won’t wilt and give the homeowners a hassle!

A garden gift

On the topic of greenery, if you have gone to a garden centre or a store that has garden/outdoor essentials, then you can always look into getting a housewarming gift for their garden. Whether that be a little ornament they can stick in the grass, a garden plant they can hang on a hook, some garden lawn lights, or a sculpture/statue piece, you would have picked a very good idea because the options are in abundance.

Home items

When moving home, some essentials may have been left behind so there is room for a new upgrade. One of the best housewarming gifts is one of a practical gift, rather than aesthetic. For example, a great gift is a fancy clock! Other essentials you could get is a kitchen appliance (a toaster, a portable grill or air fryer), a handheld hoover, or a pamper of toiletries (like a couple of fragrance soaps, lotions and body wash) These are all things that the homeowners will be very appreciate and in need of!

Get personal with it

It's always nice to add some sentimental value to a gift. When it comes to a housewarming gift, think about personalising gifts in the sense of who they are, what they need and could want.

For example, if you know that the homeowner will create a home office as they work from home, then you could buy a lamp for their desk, a calendar, or a hang up white board.

If the homeowner is a student, you could get them a portable electric grill which is an extremely helpful gift as it makes cooking meals easier for themselves, where they can grill, warm, and cook a load of different foods. You can also get them something study related, such as a study planner to help them get organised, some stationary, or a notice board. Think about them and what they need or can use.

Another personal, sentimental, and practical housewarming gift is to make breakfast hamper! This can include things like mini cereals, jars of jam and marmalade, fresh bread, eggs, glass bottles of milk, cutlery, egg holders and breakfast trays. The first thing when you move into a new home, is worry about stocking up on food- especially breakfast as it is the first meal of the first morning in the new home. So, it saves the homeowners from worrying and rushing to the store.

A fancy dining set

Another housewarming gift idea is a fancy dining set. This one is a bit of a tricky gift, as taste can vary. So be careful with this one - if you know what the gift receiver likes and are confident with picking something they will genuinely appreciate and use, then this will be a great option. If you want to play it safe, get a dining set that is simple in its design and colour.

A set of plates, glasses, cutlery, bowls, and further dining-related items is a wonderfully practical gift if done right!

You can also get them some potpourri, a tablecloth, and some placemats if you want to get something dining related!

The classic customised mugs or frame

Get something personalised! A sentimental gift is something that is also very meaningful and useful. These gifts are great as they serve as a souvenir of a milestone or memory. So, get a customised mug, or a customised frame that has a celebration written with their names and date of when they moved, or you could get a painting/picture frame that they can hang up.

A welcome mat

Another useful idea is to get them a welcome mat! There's always a need for one - in the front of the house, in front of the garden door and outside, and the backdoor too. So don't be afraid of getting the gift receiver one! This is an easy gift to get which you can find in many home sections of local stores.

Cleaning supplies

Lastly, we have cleaning supplies! Just like the breakfast hamper, you can fill a basket with the essential cleaning items of sprays, cloths, sponges, air fresheners, carpet powders and tea clothes so that they can have these much-needed items available for themselves. As many know, when moving into a new home, cleaning it is important so you can settle in. So having these items in hand will give them relief and practical use too!

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