Information About Bed Frames

Information about bed frames

Most people that buy bed frames want to know more about them, however, they find it hard to find honest and real reviews about them. Most of these questions don’t get answered and when they are answered it seems to be the same response over and over, Some questions that don’t get answered as frequently are as followed.

Can bed frames bend?

although bed frames are made with high-quality materials and are tested before being shipped out, over time there is a possibility that your bed frame may bend, this can be an indicator that your bed frame is old and you need to replace it. Another reason for your bed frame bending is that it isn’t being used appropriately for example if someone is constantly jumping on your bed it will cause damage to not only the slabs that hold and support the mattress but the whole bed frame.

Can bed frames cause back pains?

Bed frames are there to support your back, spine and joints. Bed frames are made to support you while you sleep. Bed frames can be made from metal or wood, they should feel sturdy and secure. However whichever material your bed frame is made from can have an impact on your body and sleep experience, if you buy a bed frame that doesn’t support you then it can end up causing back pain.

Can bed frames be recycled?

Yes, bed frames can be recycled it depends on the materials it is made from. For example wooden bed frames can be recycled and made to make other furniture. Metal bed frames can be used to make bolts and screws they can also be used for other projects. if a bed frame cannot be recycled as they are rotten or rusty  then you have the option of taking it to a skip. You can do this yourself or you can have someone come and collect the bed frame.

Can bed frames be adjusted?

yes bed frames can be adjusted, for example you can adjust the height of the bed, you can add layers to make the bed higher or you can remove the legs and make the bed frame shorter. You can add more slats to the base of your bed frame to make it feel more secure and you can also add another centre beam to help make you feel safe and hold the weight of you and your mattress.

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