Interior design ideas for your bedroom

You may be undergoing a spring clean. Or maybe it’s that time of year for you to spruce up your bedroom again with some new paint or a new rug, for example. And yet, there are truly some interior design fails that have been seen out there that would make your hair curl. People picking paint shades that don’t match the rest of their room or opting for more unconventional prints like leopard or zebra are just some of the catastrophes out there that have been noted on the internet. So that you also don't end up becoming a meme for the next generation when it comes to what NOT to do when it comes to interior design, herr at Furnitureful we’ve decided that it's time to create this blog about the best interior design styles we could find out there so that you can incorporate something feisty and fun into your bedroom. We’ll go over a hat trick of deiss and ideas that have got our minds racing with the potential of what you too could do to your bedroom to make it the hottest look of the year. So, without further ado let’s get into it!

Idea number one: Use bright colours that pop.

However, the mistake people make with this one is that they think the whole room and every wall in it should be painted sunshine yellow. In reality, you just want a pop of colour to offset the rest of the tonal and more muted colours of the room.

Idea number two: Use flooring that adds elegance

Now, shaggy carpeting does not scream elegance, does it? You want to be able to walk in and feel like you're in  a haven of your own choosing. Therefore, we’d recommend something classic like wooden flooring or something classy like marble flooring to let the rest of the room stand out.

S, what do you think? Are you going to incorporate any of these tips? Comment down below.

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