Is a custom made bed and mattress the way to go?

Buying a custom made bed and mattress is increasingly on the rise, with technology helping people choose what types of colours, styles and measurements they want. However, others are left completely in the dark and may not be able to see their appeal. Naturally, we at Furnitureful, who specialise in providing beds at affordable prices, have decided to create a guide to custom size beds and mattresses so you can learn about what they are, what you need to be aware of when purchasing them and if they are truly the right fit for you. 

What does it mean to have a ‘custom made’ bed/ mattress?

A custom made bed or mattress is one which is specially designed by you to fit your own requirements/needs. The bed is tailored to suit your own choices of height, size and colour. Retailers may have a range of styles or materials you can choose from but then the fun is all in your hands as you decide, for example, what length you want your bed to be or what colours you want for your mattress upholstery.

It’s definitely something that doesn’t suit everyone and so below we’ve listed the pros and cons to show you what bespoke made beds and mattresses are all about.

Pros of a custom made bed and mattress

  • You end up with a gorgeous bed that’s uniquely yours because you have a choice of colours and patterns rather than buying a standard bed like everybody else’s that all look the same.
  • You can add as much storage space and drawers as you need - as sometimes standard beds might not have enough. However, if it’s storage space you need, we recommend you check out our beautiful grey upholstered Ottoman storage bed to see how beds and suitable storage space go hand in hand!

Cons of a custom made mattress

  • You may end up with incorrect dimensions - some smaller retailers may not have or cannot afford the necessary materials and equipment to ensure your bed is made exactly to your tastes. Therefore, going for standard bed sizes can mean you avoid the hassle and end up with a bed whose size meets your expectations.
  • Your custom made bed and your custom made mattress may not fit together, leaving you with two pieces of furniture that are incompatible. In contrast, standard sizes never change and may be a better fit for you.
  • It can be quite pricey - materials and labour costs can really begin to add up because you're not buying something that’s made in bulk - hence it might be wiser to go for beds that are in traditional sizes, like our range at Furnitureful here.
It’s clear to see that custom made bedding has many advantages as well as disadvantages however, you can’t deny the reality of what you’re getting into when buying custom designs - if they don’t end up suiting your tastes you’re left with a bed that no one else will likely buy off you or that may not really suit the size of your bedroom or your colour scheme. Play it safe and opt for a standard size, room-friendly bed like one of our upholstered bed ranges here, available from sizes small to king size. Hurry today and take advantage of our free next day delivery on orders before 4pm.

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