Is a firm edge base the best for you?

During your bed hunting journey we’re sure you’ve come across a variety of panic-inducing and confusing words. For instance, what even is a ‘firm’ edge base? Are there other types? What are they used for? Why is there so much terminology just for bedroom furnishings? Well, there’s no need to fear because here at Furnitureful we’ll help deconstruct all of this terminology so that you can find the most perfect bed for you. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

First off…

What is a bed base?

A bed base, aka the foundation of a bed supports the mattress from underneath, usually through slats (wooden planks running across the base). They are necessary for a quality night time experience and help your bed to last for years to come.

What types of bed bases are there?

There are two types you could possibly buy: a sprung edge base and a firm edge base. Below we’ve gone into more detail about what the differences are between the two

What is a sprung edge base?

A sprung edge base is a luxury base type which has a top layer of springs running from edge to edge. This creates a feeling of greater cushioned support because the springs act as a shock absorber.

What is a firm edge base?

A firm edge base, like a sprung edge base, offers cushioned support and extends the life of the mattress. However, unlike the sprung base, the springs in a firm edge base only run up to the solid wooden frame that encircles the whole base.

What are the superior qualities of a firm edge base?

  • Their wooden support structure means that they prevent roll off, unlike the sprung edge which has springs instead of wood running to the corners.
  • Of the two base types, this one will ensure that your mattress definitely doesn't sag.

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