Is a king size bed a worthy investment?

You may have been recommended a king size bed in the past over any other kind of bed (especially if you’re the type that likes their own space!), however, you might not have been certain if it was the right fit for you. After all, it can be seen as more suitable for couples over a single person as well as more suitable for those taller than average. Additionally, you might have thought a double was enough for your needs. So, today we decided that we’ll highlight all the pros and cons of a king size bed and mattress to show you whether it is truly the right fit for you or not.

What is a king size bed?

A king size bed is the second largest bed size available on the market. It comes in at a whopping 200 cm in length with a width of 150 cm, making it the ideal bed for those who have been striving to find some decent room whilst sleeping! It is one of the most popular bed sizes as some people, especially couples, find that double beds no longer offer enough room for them.

But is it truly the best? Below are some pros and cons to get you thinking:

Pros of king-sized beds

One of the biggest advantages of a king size bed is its size. Having a greater length and width than the majority of beds available today helps make this bed a deal breaker for those who are in a relationship and find a double bed too cramped.

They can help alleviate pain due to pressure points. A bigger surface area means that you can spread yourself and sleep truly comfortably throughout the night.

They allow your family to get comfy with you. Whether it’s your child whose suffered a nightmare and needs a cuddle or a furry friend who wants to pile in, with a king size mattress you’ll be sure to have enough space for those you love.

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Cons of king-size beds

There is no doubt that King size beds can take up too much room, especially if your room was never really that big to begin with. This is the reason why some people prefer to buy a double bed or even two smaller queen/twin beds.

It can end up being rather expensive: double beds can end up being a much more viable option for those who are looking to save cash or believe that king size bed are not worth the money

Is the king size the king of them all…?

Overall, its safe to say that the benefits of king-sized beds far outweigh their negatives. Their comfortable, huge and a blessing for those who want more room.

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