Is A King Size Mattress Bigger Than A Queen Size Matttress?

Is a king size mattress bigger than a queen size mattress?

It’s important to know that you are choosing the right bed. And when deciding between a king size mattress and a queen size mattress it can be tricky when you don’t really know what the differences between each are. In this blog, I am going to discuss the comparisons of each mattress and the benefit and negatives of each too.

What are the dimensions?

The queen size mattress in dimensions is 60 inches (5 feet) in width by 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches) in length. The king size mattress dimensions are 76 inches (6 feet 4 inches) in width by 80 inches (6 feet 8 inches in length). Both queen and king size mattresses have an identical length of 80 inches. This length size offers enough legroom and space for the majority of people. However, if you are a taller individual ( taller than 6 feet 4 inches) I would recommend opting for the California king mattress instead as the length of this bed is longer and would offer even more leg room than both the king and queen size mattress.

Both queen and king size mattresses are ideal choices for couples or individuals who share a bed as they offer enough legroom and aren’t cramped like the smaller size beds such as the double or single.

Which mattress size is for you?

The king size and queen size mattresses are both ideal for couples but there are things you should keep in consideration when choosing between them:

Sleeping partner- it’s important to consider who you are sleeping next to and sharing your bed with. The queen size mattress would be big enough for most couples but if you are someone who would prefer some additional room and space to move around then I would suggest opting for the king size mattress instead of the queen size mattress.

A persons size, weight and sleeping position- the size of you and your partner, as well as the position you sleep in, will also affect the size of mattress that you choose. If the couple is physically larger then they would rather opt for a king size mattress as it offers more room and similarly if the couple is physically smaller then the queen size mattress would also be a great choice for them.

Budget- When purchasing a larger item such as mattress, it’s important to look at what your budget is. A king size mattress will always cost more than a queen size mattress as it provide additional space.

Size of bedroom- before purchasing either mattress, it’s important to measure your bedroom to see which mattress will fit comfortably in your bedroom.

Ease of transport- a king size mattress will be a lot harder to move around than a queen size mattress will be this is because a king size mattress will be bigger and heavier compared to a queen size mattress.

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