5 Reasons why a Sofa Bed is worth it

Is a sofa bed worth it?

Out of the many beds available on the market perhaps you are wondering to yourself whether a sofa bed is worth it? In our last blog, we covered whether sofa beds are good for everyday use. In this blog, read on as we look at whether a sofa bed is a choice full stop.

5 reasons why a sofa bed is worth it

It's Multifunctional

Sofa beds help when you are running short on space in your home. They provide both a comfortable sleeping solution and they can take the place of a traditional sofa in your living room. Some sofa beds also have hidden storage solutions which means you can also hide extra bedding or other household items that you need to keep close by. It's a purchase that will provide you with many solutions for your day to day life and set-up. 

Its great if you are on a budget

With this item, you can address 2 needs at the same time without the cost attached to a single sofa and a single bed. It is possible to get one good quality sofa bed which is within your budget without going over budget by buying both a bed and a good quality sofa. It is likely that you may save money this way and even have money left over to furnish your sofa bed with cushions and throws during the day and pillows and a comfy duvet during the night.

It's Modern 

In the past sofa beds were not the best looking, lumpy and heavy items that had poor colour pallets making the overall room dull. However, there are now many style choices and colour palettes for sofa beds which means that you can still achieve whatever room theme you are going through.

It's a good alternative to other space saving ideas

A Sofa bed is a better and more appealing alternative to other sleeping methods that may be used for guests or sleepovers such as an inflatable mattress or a futon. Both require extra effort that is not needed for a sofa bed. For example, an inflatable bed can become a hindrance as you have to look for an air pump  which not people have readily in their homes - this means extra cost and extra stress

Its a great opportunity for a sleepover 

Sofa beds in your children's room or even in your main bedroom or living space, provide the perfect opportunity for a sleepover. When It comes to childhood friends, whether it's a birthday or impromptu plan, a sofa bed can put your mind and other parents mind at ease as the children play their games and have fun throughout the day - with a comfortable sleeping solution ready for them without any hassle. Its also an opportunity for you and your friends to have a comfortable end to your night binge-watching on Netflix and eating popcorn! 

We hope this blog provides you with enough reasons why a sofa bed is well worth your time and money! Don't forget to check out our other blogs on mattresses, ottoman beds and look at our fantastic range on the Furnitureful store -the best place for beds and mattresses whether you are looking for a single, double or King-sized bed!

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