Is Double Bigger Than King?

Is double bigger than king?

For a quick and simple answer no, a double bed frame is not bigger than a king bed frame. If anything, a king bed frame is a lot bigger than a double bed frame that you would easily be able to fit two people onto the bed without any issues. If you really wanted to you can potentially fit three people onto the bed if they are not that wide comfortably onto the king bed frame. A double bed frame would struggle to fit three people on the bed.

To be specific a king bed frame is 22 inches longer in length and 5 more inches longer in width. It has the same width as a queen bed frame, but 16 more inches in length than a queen bed frame. So, if you have a longer body and are taller than the average person buying a king bed frame might be a good purchase since it would let you fully stretch out on the king bed frame.

A double bed frame would be better if you were trying to purchase a bed frame that would allow for a lot of space on the bed for one person and not two. But it would also be a good purchase for those who do not have the space to accommodate a king bed frame as well, or even a queen bed, given that a queen bed frame is slightly bigger than a double bed frame, to begin with.

If you are planning to purchase a king bed frame make sure that you have enough space on the bed frame so that you will still have enough space left in your room so that it does not feel claustrophobic and cramped in your room.

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