Is it better to sleep without a bed frame?

Is it better to sleep without a bed frame?

Is it necessary to have a bedframe?

A bed frame is not necessary, and you can sleep on your mattress without one. However, if you want to feel supported during the night then a bedframe is going to help you achieve that. Even though, bed frame can be expensive and take up a lot of room, they also have many advantages such as preventing allergies, insects and moulding from going into your mattress. The bedframe will also provide support to your box spring or bed slats for years. 

The advantages and disadvantages with using a mattress without a bed frame:


  1. Avoiding an unnatural curve in the spine whilst sleeping- A range of bed frames can produce an unnatural curve in the spine in the sleepers back whilst they are sleeping during the night.  This is due to the fact that there are a few bed frames that do not support the mattress correctly. This can result in the individual sinking into the mattress which will lead to a heightened discomfort. Many people believe sleeping on the floor without a bed frame offers the individuals a more aligned spine. 
  2. Improved blood circulation- Using the mattress on the floor could potentially increase blood circulation and better heart function. If the body isn’t correctly supported whilst you sleep then it can result in pressure in the legs that stops the blood from circulating correctly. This could possibly enhance the risk of cardiovascular disease. Putting the mattress on the floor may lead to better blood circulation and heart function. 
  3. Reduced back pain- Some people believe that sleeping on the mattress without a bed frame could help with back pain. Platform beds have become increasingly popular in recent days, and more people are start starting to put their memory foam mattresses on their platforms rather than on box springs. This may prevent individuals from receiving sufficient support for their back. Using the mattress on the floor may allow them to reap the full benefits that their mattress has to offer whilst receiving improved support for their back.
  4. The air is cooler when you are closer to the ground- If you are sleeping on the floor, you will feel cooler, this obvious as it is well known that heat rises. So, if you are sleeping using a bedframe you will be elevated which will increase the chances of you feeling hot and sweaty during the night. 


  1. More likely to inhale dust- Dust can be trapped in the flooring, even if the floor is regularly mopped and vacuumed. If you are sleeping on the floor, you are nearer dust and germs that are hiding in the flooring. This will increase the chances of allergic reactions and respiratory diseases. 
  2. Not enough air flow- The mattress won’t receiving enough airflow if it is being used on the floor. This is because the underneath of the mattress will not be getting enough air, and sweat from the individual may become trapped in the mattress fibres. 
  3. Mould in the mattress- The mattress could start developing mould because there isn’t an adequate amount of airflow. The more modern mattress designs are designed to allow sweat to stream through the internal fibres and out through the sides of the mattress. If the mattress is placed on the floor, then the sweat and condensation that is built up on the mattress has no where to dissipate to except sinking back inside of the mattress. 
  4. Bugs in the mattress- using the mattress without a bed frame may result in bed bug swarms, this is because bed bugs like to live in places where dust collects. So, if you are using the mattress on the floor, its like you are inviting bed bugs in.

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