Is It Safe To Store A Mattress In A Storage Unit?

Is it safe to store a mattress in a storage unit?

It is safe if the correct precautions are taken in advance to protect your mattress while it stays inside a storage unit. Here are a few steps to make sure that your mattress is protected properly from being in a storage unit for a long time.

Cover the mattress in a plastic wrap to make sure no spills or stains show up on the mattress whilst it is in the storage unit.

Lay the mattress down flat to make sure that the mattress does not bend over and become permanently damaged over time if it was not placed flat to begin with. Do not place it leaning on a wall since it can fall over given enough time.

Can I keep my mattress in the garage?

Yes, you can keep your mattress in your garage. Just make sure to follow the steps to protect your mattress from becoming damaged when storing your mattress in a garage. You might want to be more careful since you might go in and out of your garage often. Since it is not a storage unit, you will be bringing and taking stuff out all the time, so there is a higher chance to bring in debris and bacteria if you use your garage regularly. Moreover, if you use your garage regularly, it may be hard to control the temperature in the garage, so it may be a bad idea to leave a mattress in a garage. You will be better off buying a heavy-duty mattress protector, so you do not have to worry about the temperature your garage has and the mattress will not have mould forming over the long term.

Will storing a mattress on its side ruin it?

Most likely it will. This is because your mattress is not a solid block. It is like jelly with the way it wobbles about. Leaving a mattress on its side is dangerous since it does not have the strength to support itself without both sides of the mattress having support in order to keep it straight so that it does not collapse under its own weight.

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