Lumbar Pillow

Lumbar Pillow  

What is a lumbar pillow?  

To better understand what a lumbar pillow is, first we must go over the three sections that form a S shape in your spine. The three main sections are: 

  • Lumbar: lower back 
  • Thoracic: upper back 
  • Cervical: neck 

If you were to sit down in a slouched manner or with your back hunched over for a long period of time or for an extended period of time it can cause you to put pressure on your lower back or lumbar spine which would cause you to have pains, which if there were support in your lumbar area this would not happen.  

A lumbar pillow is designed to help you by assisting and offering you and your lower back the support that it needs thus aiding you with pain relief. Lumbar pillows are typically thicker at the base of the pillow and thinner at the top of the pillow, this is to offer you comfort and support whist you sit instead of hunching or slouching your back. You can use a lumbar pillow to sit, or when you’re sleeping to help decrease or eliminate back pain and putting pressure or your back whilst you also, help improve your back posture.  


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