Mattress For A Travel Cot

Mattress for a travel cot

For some parents travelling might seem difficult or tiring, babies or toddlers tend to be stressed by going to new places or having trouble sleeping, however, if there is a good mattress in their travel cot it could help them sleep better as they could be overwhelmed. 

Choosing the right mattress

When wondering how to choose the right mattress for your child, firmness should be at the top of your list. I like to speak from experience. A child that has a good night's sleep tends to be happier in the day.

Why is it Important to have the right mattress for a travel cot?

Well, it's important to have the right mattress for a travel cot as you can't just have any mattresses in there for health and safety reasons. Avoid using a bulky mattress as it's not ideal. You want the mattress to ideally be firm and thin. Travel cots are designed to be used with the original mattress, as this helps stability, the mattresses in travel cots can be thinner and harder than those in regular cots, but this is normal and you shouldn't add any blankets over the top of the mattress to make it more comfortable to sleep on, as this can risk injury or your baby overheating.

Safety of the mattress

For safety, the mattress top should be at least 50cm below the top rail of the travel cot.

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