Choosing A Mattress When In A Relationship

Choosing a Mattress When In A Relationship


When it comes to choosing a mattress in a relationship, you should consider your partner's preference as well as your own.

Choosing a couple's Mattress requires considering the following: the type of mattress, the firmness of it and the comfort level you desire.

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Why your relationship may require a new mattress?

Your relationship may need a new mattress if you and your partner have had the mattress for a long time or were hasty when purchasing it and if the mattress is no longer providing you with the same comfort level that it once did – this could be having an impact on yourself as well as your relationship in many ways.


1. You wake up feeling stiff

Despite a good night's sleep, if you or your partner are waking up to regular body pains then this could mean that either your mattress is too hard or too soft meaning it isn't the right firm for them. If the mattress is too hard, then this could result in joint pressure in your hips and ultimately lead to back pains. However, if your mattress is too soft, then this could lead to your spine falling out of alignment.

Waking up to a stiff feeling in the morning can be quite off-putting and this could likewise prompt annoyance and sourness in a relationship. If your mattress is causing stress and irritation between you and your partner, it will be an ideal opportunity to invest in a new mattress.


2. You wake up feeling tired

Waking up feeling tired is the most comment result of sleeping on a bad mattress. You will realise it is time to invest in a new mattress when you and your partner are tossing and turning throughout the night in an attempt to get a good night sleep.

Waking up tired or being sleep deprived reflects on your mood and if your mood is affected then this will affect your relationship too. Overwhelmed by such occurrences, one may over-react in situations causing conflict and feeling irritation around your partner. If this is already the case, then it is time to look for a new mattress.

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Which mattress is best for you?

Which mattress is best for is entirely based upon your personal preferences so if you and your partner's likes and dislikes are similar then this makes it much easier to choose the best couple's mattress.

Orthopaedic Mattress – This type of mattress is not made for a luxury feel but rather to provide comfort for couples who inherently experience pains and aches in their body. Your weight is equally distributed to provide support for your back, hips and shoulders. This is perfect for couples who require the correct firmness to alleviate aches and pains.

Pocket Sprung Mattress – This is one of the most popular types of mattresses which is made up of individually pocketed springs to guarantee better pressure-relieving assistance for you and your partner. The plus point is you can move around without disturbing your partner due to the individual sown in pocketed springs.

Memory Foam Mattress – This has become a best-selling type of mattress over time. This is a good choice of mattress for couples who have bad backs because it moulds to the shape of your body and provides the correct support for your back.

This type of mattress is hypoallergenic so it will help to keep the allergens away.

Hybrid Mattress – This is a perfect choice of mattress for couples who have allergies because of its hypoallergenic nature and those who find themselves feeling hot during the night as it comprises pocket sprung layers with cooling materials for instance foam.

These mattresses are breathable and an ideal choice of mattress for those couples who prefer the luxurious hotel accommodation-like feel in the comfort of their own house.


Which firmness is right for your relationship?

We usually recommend a medium level of firmness. But it is important to take into consideration the weight of yourself and your partner as this can be a good indicator when selecting a new mattress. However, if the firmness is not a problem, then you can choose from any sized mattress of your preferred choice.

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