Mattress For Moses Basket

Mattress for Moses Basket

Moses baskets are designed for new-born babies to sleep in for their first months of their life. Moses baskets allow parents to have their baby close to them during the night where they can watch their movements and breathing. It’s also much easier to hear them if they begin to cry. 

Mattress safety 

It is very important to have the right type of Moses basket mattress for your baby to sleep on. Very young babies should sleep on their back and need good support from a firm mattress. It also needs to be breathable. Most Moses baskets will come with a foam mattress, but you may want to look into buying a different mattress, such as one which is made from natural materials. Ensure your baby’s mattress is supportive, breathable and fits your Moses basket. 

What types of mattress are there

There are two main types, foam and natural. Every product being sold in the UK should meet UK standards and are safe for your baby. Here are some important points: 

  • Can it be kept clean 
  • Is it comfortable and supportive 
  • Is it fully breathable to prevent baby getting too hot 
  • It is the right size for the Moses basket

Natural mattress for Moses basket 

As a parent you are naturally worried about how safe your baby's sleeping arrangements are especially in the early months of their lives. If the concern is strong about your baby sleeping on man-made materials and worried about the chemicals used in foam mattresses then you should know that natural mattresses are chemical-free.

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