Mattress For Sleeping On The Floor

Mattress for sleeping on the floor

It can be quite a debate when you mention if you can put the mattress on the floor which has a major downside and the base or frame that will only benefit aesthetics.

For those who are against putting mattresses on the floor, the main potential issues are the pests that are dust mites and problems with mildew growth.

The reasons why you should put the mattress on the floor?

Human beings are always trying to hunt for the best mattress and the best surface. Mattresses are made to conform to your body and cater to your preferred sleeping position and firmness. The adjustable base allows the person to control your elevation and simulate weightlessness. Even though there have been many advances over time in mattress and bedding technology, some people still prefer to sleep with their mattress on the floor.

The evidence provided suggests that sleeping on the floor could actually be more comfortable as the floor can be firmer to sleep on. Placing your mattress on the floor can change the look of the room and impact your life in an unexpected way, as you may find that being lower to the ground may be more comfortable.

The biggest drawback of putting your mattress on the floor is that you would be increasing the risk of being exposed to allergens like dust particles or pests like bed bugs and dust mites. Also, you will be losing support that will extend the longevity of your mattress.

Now, let me explain more about the pro and cons of putting your mattress on the floor as I’ve mentioned that switching the mattress onto the floor could benefit a new aesthetic and inspire change and motivation and increase comfort.

Back pain relief

Sleeping on the floor firms up the mattress which can genuinely help with back pain caused by a sagging mattress. Although, there are many other ways to make the mattress firmer without putting it on the floor.


It is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing and the main benefit for people is that it's up to you, which is a personal preference.

Life style

Sometimes the one reason that people change their sleeping preference or place their mattress on the floor is to simply change the room. Many people love the style which is the low-to-the-ground look.


When you decide to sleep with your mattress the preferable choice that people make is a memory foam or an innerspring mattress. Choosing to sleep on the floor instead will therefore instantly save money.

The cons of putting your mattress on the floor:

  • Cleanliness
  • Increased longevity
  • Pests
  • Lack of airflow
  • The look
  • Optimal height

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