Mattress Is Too Hot

Mattress Is Too Hot

How to cool down your mattress

Use a cooling mattress topper

Using a cooling mattress topper cools your mattress while also providing a soft layer to sleep on. They are removable so in the winter you can pick it away and in the summer you can bring it out to use. 

Cool your room

An inexpensive way to stop your mattress from getting too hot is too cool your room by opening the windows and use a fan. You can always take away some layers and use a lighter duvet. You can also change your sheets to more breathable materials.

Type of mattress

Gel foam mattress: 

The type of mattress you are sleeping on affects the temperature. You should consider sleeping on a gel based mattress if you are a person who gets extremely hot in the night, gel foam is memory foam that is mixed with gel beads to help cool the mattress. The structure of a gel based mattress allows air to flow through making it a breathable material.

Latex mattress:

Latex has natural and eco-friendly materials that helps regulate temperature, latex has elastic properties that reacts quickly to your body shape and weight so you can get the support you need and you don’t need to worry about overheating as latex doesn’t retain heat.

Natural mattress:

Natural mattresses are made from natural materials making it breathable. Some examples of natural materials are wool, cotton and silk. These materials are great for temperature control as they allow air to flow through, which makes them great for cooling down your mattress.

Pocket sprung mattress:

A pocket spring mattress are perfect for hot sleepers, they combine the benefits of a spring mattress and allow air to flow through helping regulate body heat.

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