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When is a Mattress Too Soft? 4 Signs to Change Your Mattress

When is a Mattress Too Soft? 4 Signs to Change Your Mattress

Shopping for a new mattress can be a tricky task, especially if you do not know when you do not know whether you need to change it and even more so when you don’t what to change about it? So, it begs the question, “what’s wrong with my mattress? Is it too soft? Is it too firm?” Though this trivial matter, having the firmness to your mattress is the very essence of a quality experience. No one likes the thought of bad sleep due to even worse sleeping arrangements, particularly not in your own bed. Keep reading to find out 4 signs your mattress needs to change and see if you identify with any of those signs. If you do, do not worry, we have a solution for you. 



 1. Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Having an unsuitable mattress can cause some challenges for you, be it; immediately, or slowly, long term or short term. Once those problems occur, it is important to react and make the right decision on how to deal with them. If your bed is too soft or too firm, you become subject to issues like back, neck and/or shoulder pain. This stiffness restricts you from doing your daily tasks in life and thus results in complete inconvenience and complications. The best way to deal with these problems can be found in Mattress vs Back Pain – Why Mattresses Cause Back Pain. 


 2. Struggling to Get Out of Bed, Physically 

Though the initial thought of struggling to get out of bed may sound nice, this is kind is not out with the luxury of choice. Due to the stiffness and the pain, along with the nature of your bed, your body will no longer be able to lift itself out of bed to carry out daily tasks. If this happens, speak to your doctor, and discuss the best options moving forward.  


 3. Sagging In Your Bed 

If your bed is too soft you will find that your bed will begin to sag as you lay on it and, in even more severe cases, it will sag without added pressure applied. Sagging in your mattress can cause many complications, more so when coupled with the problems listed above. This is due to the stiffness restricting what little movement you already have resulting in you not having enough strength to pull you out of the bed. 


4. Not Sleeping in Any Positions Other Than Lying on Your Front 

If you are finding it hard to sleep anywhere but, on your front, you need to change your mattress as you are causing more damage to your body than good. Lying on your front for prolonged periods of time due to an uncomfortable mattress is not the ideal life for anyone. Changing your mattress is the best solution as you are giving yourself the option to move around and to see if the change in the mattress has improved anything or not. If not, seek medical advice on what steps to take next. 



Now, I am sure you are wondering what to do if you have these problems and if they can be fixed at all. We are glad to inform you that they can indeed be fixed, and we have just the solution you need. Finding a mattress with a medium firmness will fulfil all the requirements needed from a mattress, such as: 


  • Being the right level of supportive 

  • Layers and quality of thickness is higher than others 

  • Being comfortable 

  • Giving you the right alignment 

  • A balanced level of bounciness and firmness 

  • Breathable  

  • Hypoallergenic  

  • Affordable when you shop at FurnitureFul 



In conclusion, whether you are a caveman or a log, sleep is something that you cannot live without. So having the right bed is vital for you to have your 8 hours sleep, a 1-hour power nap, 12 hours lie in - we do not judge. With that being said, we have all that you need and more at FurnitureFul to meet your requirements. We hope you have found When is a Mattress Too Soft? 4 Signs to Change Your Mattress helpful and enjoyable. 

Ammar Asad
Ammar Asad

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