Mattress Reviews

Mattress reviews

Where you can find mattress reviews

  • Websites - most websites have a review section 
  • Social media - people always post about their experiences with things, like electronics, makeup and beds so there are bound to be some reviews of mattresses on social media.
  • Google - with a simple mattress store search you will not only get addresses of the stores you will also get contact details and reviews from other people. 
  • Mattress leaflets - stores give out leaflets by handing them to you when you walk by or by posting them. They will usually have some reviews and experiences of others on the leaflets

How can I give a mattress review?

When buying mattresses online there is a section at the bottom of the page where you can leave your reviews, opinions and the experience you have had with the mattress. Reviews are done online so that others can read and see what your experience was like and if it is worth it to buy a mattress from that specific store. If you have a Google account it will allow you to leave reviews on any website you like. 

What do I include in a mattress review?

  • What does the mattress feels like?
  • How was the mattress when you received it?
  • How long does the mattress last you?
  • How was your experience? 

When should I write a mattress review

A few months after buying a mattress is reasonable as it allows you to get a good opinion on the mattress, you can also do a review of the mattress when you first get it, giving your first impressions of it.

Why should I give a mattress review?

Giving reviews helps others with their decision on buying a mattress, it helps paint a clear image. It allows others to read about your impressions of the mattress and your opinions about the mattress. Reviews also help the company as reviews as also seen as feedback and getting feedback helps companies improve on how they make their mattresses. 

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