Best Mattress To Keep You Cool

 What is the best mattress to keep you cool on a hot Summers Night?

Here at FurnitureFul, we want to provide all of our customers with the most perfect sleeping experience through the range of products that we have to offer. Do you wish to prevent a hot and humid night from impacting your sleep at night? What is the best type of mattress to help keep you cool on those hot nights? For more information to queries relating to this, continue to read on...

It can be difficult for hot sleepers to keep cool at night when the summer months roll in and you may find that you are waking up in the middle of the night heavily sweating. The main reason for this occurring is because when we are in a state of deep sleep our body temperature rises naturally affecting our ability to sleep at night.

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Nevertheless, there are innovative mattresses with cooling technology to help you get a good night's sleep even on the hottest days. We have listed some mattresses that are perfect for providing a quality night's sleep, especially for hot sleepers.

When looking for a mattress suitable for hot sleepers, it is advised that the more air circulation throughout a mattress, the cooler you will sleep at night. In this instance, mattresses that have individually pocketed springs are best because the pockets allow for the air to circulate.

The two types of mattresses that are well-known for their cooling system are hybrid mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses are made up of a combination of innerspring and foam. They use the pocket sprung cooling technology to offer a cooler nights sleep and can contour to your body's natural shape, providing the necessary support and comfort.

pocket sprung mattress is comprised of multi-layers of spring and material but they're still breathable, allowing a natural flow between the material and your body. The mattress itself will not be cold and due to proper ventilation, it will simply adjust your body temperature, ensuring it does not get higher than it should.

What mattress do we recommend?

We would highly recommend you take a look at the Hybrid mattresses that we have to offer at FurnitureFul. Our range of foam mattresses utilises cooling pockets allowing the mattress to contour to your body's shape, preventing excessive heat from getting trapped in and ensuring a high-quality good night sleep without any disturbances.

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