Mattress With Removable Covers

Mattress with removable covers

What are removal mattress covers?

Removable mattress covers are essentially a type of material that covers and zips around your mattress to give your mattress an extra layer of protection. They help you maintain the quality of your mattress and help it last longer. It is easy to clean and prevents any spills from seeping through to your mattress.

Do we need a removable mattress cover?

Mattress covers are not essential but they are very convenient and useful, they help a lot with keeping your mattress clean and it makes it easier to preserve your mattress. It adds an extra layer of comfort and there are more advantages than disadvantages to having a removable mattress cover. When you have a removable cover on, you won’t even know it’s there. It helps prevent any dust sitting on your mattress.

Where can we buy removable mattress covers?

Removable mattress covers can be found at any mattress selling stores, they are quite easy to find. When buying removable mattress covers make sure to note the size of your mattress, as you wouldn’t want the cover to be too small or too big for your mattress.

How do you clean a removal mattress cover ?

Check any labels or instructions that come with the mattress cover and make sure to follow them. Most removable mattress covers can be washed in a washing machine, for the best results make sure to wash with cold water and dry the mattress on at a low temperature. As heat can damage the mattress cover, do not iron or dry clean the mattress cover as it can damage the mattress cover. You should wash your mattress covers every 2 months, however if there are any spills it is recommend you wash it more often. 

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