Mattress Without Flame Retardant?

Mattress Without Flame Retardant?

Many people don’t want mattress that contain too many chemicals, as it is considered toxic, harmful to health and a potential trigger for allergies. Therefore, if you are looking for mattresses without flame retardant, then lucky for you there are a few!

Flame retardants are used on most mattresses because mattresses itself, and the materials it contains are highly flammable. So many mattresses are finished off with a coating of flame-resistant substance, or the mattress itself consists of some flame-resistant material to protect you and the mattress from catching flames.

Check certificates of mattresses. Make sure you check mattress has a ‘green certificate’ if you want a mattress that is free from toxic chemicals, and if its free from flame retardant.

Some Hybrid Mattresses

The Awara Organic Hybrid Mattress, as an example, doesn’t contain flame retardant materials. Doesn’t contain polyurethane which is a toxic chemical and has additives like water, which is much safer than other chemical adhesives that other mattresses use.

Some memory foam mattresses

For example, Nectar has memory foam mattresses that are free from flame retardant and is breathable material. This gives a cooler sleep.

The Avocado Green Mattress

Free from fire retardants, polyester, and polyurethane.

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