Mattress Without Memory Foam

Mattress without memory foam

Which mattresses don’t contain memory foam:

It is hard to find mattresses without memory foam as memory foam is in most mattresses as it help’s evenly distribute body weight to reduce pressure on your body. One mattress that doesn’t contain memory foam is a latex mattress. There are also innerspring mattresses that use metal wires and springs to create support covered with fabric and cushioning material for comfort and support.

Where can I buy mattresses without memory foam:

You can buy a mattress that doesn’t contain memory foam at a mattress store, however, it will be hard to find as most mattresses are made from some don’t of foam.

Who are they made for:

Non-memory foam mattresses are made for everyone, there is no specific person that it is made for, if you suffer from support and the level of firmness in your mattresses then non-memory foam mattresses are for you.

How long do non-memory foam mattresses last:

An average non-memory foam mattress lasts between 5-6 years. They aren’t as lasting as foam mattresses but that is expected as they aren’t made with the best quality. Memory foam mattress contains extra padding and layers to help the lifespan so without it, that lifespan shortens.

Advantages of a mattress without memory foam:

  • Medium-firm 
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Pressure relief 
  • Prevents sinking 

Disadvantages of a mattress without memory foam:

  • Can be squeaky 
  • Very firm 
  • Doesn’t mould well to your body 
  • Doesn’t have much padding 

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