Mattresses smaller than a double

Mattresses smaller than a double

There are a only a few mattresses smaller than a double as people like bigger mattresses so that they feel more comfortable as they sleep, a double also allows them to move around and not disturb anyone sleeping next to them. Small mattresses are suitable for teenagers, kids and adults yet adults do prefer double mattresses. 

Double mattresses:

Double mattresses are the most popular, everyone can use a double mattress. It helps people get a comfortable sleep and it fits not only one person but 2, couples can use a double sized mattresses. 

Small double mattresses:

Small double mattresses are suitable for threes who want to maximise there bedroom space. A small double mattress is wider than a single and it allows more space to move around and it can be comfortable. 2 people can sleep on a small double mattress however it may not have much space compared to a double mattress.

Single mattresses:

A single mattress is smaller than a small double and a double, they are suitable for adults but mostly used by kids and teenagers, they are help maximise bedroom space while also allowing a comfort while sleeping.

Small single mattresses:

Small single mattresses gives extra spaces in small rooms for furniture and other necessities, they provide a comfortable place to sleep they take up less space and are less obstructing compared to other bigger mattresses. 

Cot size mattresses:

Cot sized mattresses are for baby’s and infants, they provide a comfortable padded layer to allow your baby to sleep comfortably without any disturbance. Cot sized mattresses are made for cots yet can be used on top of normal mattresses to protect your baby from harsh and firm surfaces.

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