Memory Foam Odours

Memory foam odours

Will memory foam smell go away?

Memory foam in the form of pillows and mattresses tends to have an unpleasant smell when you first open it. Once the memory foam is out of its packaging and open to fresh air and ventilation, the smell will go away naturally within three to seven days. If your memory foam has been encased in plastic for a long time then give the memory foam at least 2 weeks to fully get rid of any bad odours.

Why does memory foam smell, memory foam tends to smell when it’s been encased in a box or plastic for too long, memory foam is a sensitive material that reacts differently than other materials. Memory foam releases unpleasant odours and gasses and it is unavoidable.

How to stop memory foam from smelling, to prevent your memory foam items such as memory foam pillows and mattresses is by applying baking soda, and then vacuum the baking soda out, make sure to let the baking soda sit and settle overnight to get the best results.

Another way to prevent and get rid of the memory foam smell is by filling a spray bottle with vinegar and water, this is another alternative to baking soda it is much stronger and helps get rid of any order left behind. It uses chemicals so it may not be the first go-to way of getting rid of odours. Once sprayed in allow it to dry in completely and use a vaccine to remove any residue left behind

How long will it take for memory foam smell to go, memory foam smell typically goes away within 3 to 7 days or a few hours it depends on how long the memory foam has been invaded in the packaging and how much fresh air it is getting. It is recommended to set your memory foam in an open area with windows and doors open so that fresh air can get through. To fully make sure that all the smell has gone you should give the memory foam at least two weeks to get rid of any bad odours.

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