Murphy Bed Vs Sofa Bed

Murphy bed vs sofa bed

What is a Murphy bed?

A murphy bed has many names such as a fold-down bed, wall bed, electronic bed and a swivel bed, a murphy bed was initially invented around 1900 by William Lawrence Murphy.

Since the 1900’s these multifunctional pieces of furniture have evolved into highly suitable products that can be ideally located inside an amusement hub, a wall, or even a desk, securely folded away in the daytime to provide extended space within the home.

What is a sofa bed?

A sofa bed also has many names such as the sleeper sofa and a bed couch all referring to this piece of furniture that supplies a space to simultaneously relax and sleep.

The idea of a dual-purpose piece of furniture came to completion in the late 1800s; a time when sleep creations were on the rise. Leonard C. Bailey was the first to create such a product, patenting a metal bed frame and mattress tucked in the centre.

What are the main differences between a Murphy bed and a Sofa bed?

The main difference between the murphy bed and the sofa bed would be their permanency within the home. Despite the developing infrastructure of sofa beds accommodating guests for a night or two, their overall design is deemed as more of an additional place to sleep than a preliminary sleeping option.

Sofa beds obtainable in the marketplace come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to complement your home. It would be advisable to measure your sofa bed before buying to ensure that it fits the dimensions of your room.

The murphy bed is developed with space and convenience in mind. While a sofa bed supplies both a seating and sleeping option, you can never completely move the sofa out of the way, thus creating a hazard. While it takes up less space than a regular bed when utilising this piece of furniture like a couch, it still takes up a substantial amount of essential horizontal space in your room.

A Murphy bed can either fold up thoroughly against the wall, tuck away in a cabinet, or electronically zoom in and out with the click of a button. Most murphy beds also include integrated storage, which is a huge space-saving factor, especially in small living spaces.

Many beds feature shelving above the bed or affixed to the bed itself. If you prefer hidden storage, opt for a model with built-in cabinetry with doors to hide your items. For a wall bed with an integrated sofa, look for a chance with storage underneath the sofa seats.

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