Murphy Beds vs Sofa Beds - which one is better for you?

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In recent years, the need for more space in living spaces and sleeping spaces has become more important than the appearance of your room or the cost. If you live in a compact place you may not have enough room for a king-size bed or double bed, in your main room or your spare room. If you also don't have a guest bedroom but want people in your home, you may be interested in purchasing a Murphy bed or Sofa bed as a space-saving option. Read on to find out which one is the best option for you.

Murphy beds 


People have been interested in morphing furniture, particularly beds that are both roomy and foldable. A murphy bed, which is also known as a wall bed, is a platform bed connected to the wall with hinges. The bed can swing upwards to become part of the actual wall which crests space on the ground. Let's look at some advantages and disadvantages of murphy beds 


Murphy beds have the appearance of a regular wall, storage unit, or closet when not in use.

When folded up against the wall, murphy beds resemble a typical wall, storage box, or closet, which is something that many people like. When the murphy bed is folded against the wall, the section that is exposed may also be used as decoration. 


Murphy beds can be challenging to fold out and put away

Although modern murphy beds are meant to make it easier for users to fold them up and out as needed, this may still be challenging in some circumstances. If you struggle with joint issues due to age or health or perhaps you cannot reach higher places due to your body this bed may be difficult to use, as you would need to reach up to a high place in order to pull the bed down when it is closed. 

Extra effort is needed to rearrange the extra space it creates 

Despite the fact that Murphy beds provide additional room, they also require you to rearrange your space after using it, especially if you use the extra space that it creates for additional storage, or to create a study or play area. It might be exhausting to constantly reorganise your living space in order to take out your murphy. 

Sofa beds


Sofa beds are sofas by day and a bed to sleep on during the night. They normally have a metal frame and its mechanisms allow for the bed to be transformed from bed to sofa whenever you need it. 


Sofa beds are comfortable and practical shapeshifters 

A pull out sofa bed is an excellent investment that comes in a variety of shapes and patterns that perfectly complement your current furniture. This means you won't have to redo your entire living area to make way for a new sofa. They also come in a range of sizes, making them versatile items that can easily fit into any living environment.



They can be heavy to handle 

Sofa beds can be heavy due to the additional structural supports and systems required to accommodate the fold-out mattress.

It will take you some time to get used to it 

It may take some time to become acclimated to the mechanics of the couch bed. They're not difficult to use, but they do need some practice. It's likely that with all of the visitors you'll be hosting, you will be used to this luxurious bed option in no time.

Overall which one is better may be down to personal taste and what you require from your sleeping arrangements. Here at furnitureful, our favourite is the sofa bed. While Murphy beds may create more space in your room, they may not be useful for those who are looking for a sleeping space that will benefit both the house owner and guests who come to stay. 

Top tip!

Remember that while a sofa bed is in use, it takes up the same amount of area as a bed, which means that in a small living room or apartment, a sofa bed requires enough floor space to fold out and be useful. To avoid this, measure your area before bringing the couch bed home and rearrange certain items to improve the flow of the room.

Whichever you choose make sure to have a good nights rest, by using the tips on our other blog posts on all things mattresses, ottoman beds and much more!

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