My Bed Frame Is Bigger Than My Mattress

My bed frame is bigger than my mattress

Buying a bed frame that is bigger than your mattress is very common, when buying a bed frame people tend to look at the design and how it would look in their bedrooms, and they tend to overlook the obvious which is, will the bed frame fit the mattress.

What to do if my bed frame is bigger than my mattress:

Exchange your bed frame for one that matches your mattress:

This seems like the most reasonable solution however most furniture and mattress stores cannot offer an exchange or refund if you have the bed frame for more than a certain period. 

Buy a new mattress:

This seems like an easier way to solve the problem of having your bed frame bigger than your mattress, although it can be quite expensive as you are buying another mattress. 

Fill the gaps: 

You can fill the gaps by adding padding to the foot side of the mattress, by doing this it won’t affect your headrest, and you won’t have to worry about your mattress moving around. It is cost-effective, meaning you won’t have to spend a lot of money on it. 

Change your bed frame: 

You can buy a whole new mattress frame however it can be quite expensive and it can cause you to have an extra bed frame in your house that isn’t going to be used. 

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