August 23, 2021 2 min read

Ottoman beds

From sheets and duvet to clothes and shoes, bedrooms have a lot to look after. Our ottoman beds with storage space won’t just give you a comfy night’s sleep, but you’ll also get handy extra space into the bargain. And a great bonus is that you never have to vacuum underneath! How exciting!! 
Be it a small bed, double bed or king-size bed having a bed with storage is a great solution to free up some extra space in your bedroom, Our ottoman beds give you fantastic built-in storage underneath and it's a perfect hiding place for your bed linen, but you can also course use it for storing clothes or hiding your comic books.

Why can't I close my ottoman bed?

The lid of our ottoman bed base will not stay closed if there is no mattress on top as it is the weight of the mattress which keeps the lid down. Our ottoman bed king size base works on the principle of the gas lift so as soon as you put the mattress on the base it will close automatically as heavyweight brings down the base's gas piston.

Can you dismantle an ottoman bed?

Yes, you can dismantle your ottoman bed, but the process can differ depending on the style and size of the bed that you have, for instance, an ottoman bed will need the frame and clapboard removing first followed by the hinges before you can start to dismantle the frame.

Can you raise an ottoman bed?

Yes, you can raise your ottoman bed as the gas piston allow the bed frame to raise and close and our ottoman bed with storage come in good quality making it easier to lift and close the bed's storage section, with the gas piston our ottoman beds can handle the max weight of 350KG.

How to close ottoman bed?

For closing an ottoman bed, you can place the mattress again on top of the lid and then push it downwards as much as possible until the gas pistons get locked. It's easy and simple as it doesn't take a lot of weight to close the lid of ottoman beds.

Why can't I get an ottoman bed to go down?

If you can't get your ottoman bed to get down then one of the main reasons that your ottoman bed won't go down is that maybe the gas struts are not receiving enough pressure from above to put the bed down. Therefore, you can try putting the mattress on or using your hand to put pressure on gas struts to put the bed down.

Ammar Asad
Ammar Asad

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