Ottoman Storage Bed

Ottoman storage bed

An ottoman bed is a bed that lifts the platform to reveal storage space they work with gas mechanisms which allow the bed to lift with ease. Although lifting platform beds can be hard heavy and difficult the gas helps ease the difficulty and makes it easier for one person to lift without struggling as much. 

Where to buy

You can buy ottoman storage beds in-store and online, there are a range of different designs, colours, and sizes. You are bound to find one that is suited to your style and room design. It is best to look online first so you can get an idea of what there is out there and it can help narrow your search down to what you like and actually want. It also helps you see what is available to you in your budget. You should then go to the store and see the bed in person so that you can see and inspect the bed. It will help you make an informed and good decision on what bed you are going to buy.

How do they work?

Ottoman storage beds work by using gas lifting Hydronics to lift and hold the base of the bed up to reveal storage space underneath the bed. This storage space allied you to store whatever you want and need. For example old clothes, boxes, shoes.

Sometimes ottoman storage beds won’t stay down as it doesn’t have enough pressure to keep them closed, this can be fixed by placing your mattress on top and by sitting on it, by doing this you are adding weight to the bed and adding pressure to help hold the platform down. 

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