Plants That Help You Sleep.

Plants That Help You Sleep. 

Plants are a great addition to any home, they bring life and personality, with a wide variety of different types and appearances, a plant can really bring life to a room. Plants don’t only make for great pieces as decoration to a room but they also have some create benefits that you can really take advantage of.  

There are some plants that you can put into your bedroom that will help you sleep better.  

  • Peace lily 

Peace lilies studies by NASA and were proven to clean the air around you, a benefit and the reason as to why peace lilies are added to this is because, they are able to increase humidity by 5%. How does increased humidity help when sleeping? Well, increased humidity increases the moisture in the air therefore, keeping your nasal passage and throat from drying up, which improves your breathing and allows for you to sleep more comfortably as it creates a more comfortable environment for you to sleep in.  

  • Jasmine  

The plant Jasmine helps you sleep because, of its relaxing properties. During research the scent that the Jasmine plant has was found to be linked to reducing anxiety levels and helped improve quality of sleep. Also, a Jasmine plant isn't hard to take care of and looks great in the bedroom, making it a great plant purchase.  

  • Lavender 

The plant Lavender is very commonly known for its great qualities especially when it comes to relaxing and sleeping well. Lavender has been proven to lower blood pressure and stress levels, to lower your heart rate and the scent is known to help aid in relaxing. The scent of Lavender helps calm you down and helps put you in a deeper sleep, all of these factors that have been listed are just some of the reasons as to why the plant Lavender is so famously known for its ability in not only helping you sleep but also helping you fall into a deeper sleep.  

  • Aloe Vera  

Aloe vera is an overall phenomenal plant, it is known as the wonder plant great for all purposes. The medicinal plant Aloe Vera is a very easy plant to take care of perfect for those, who are beginners in taking care of a plant. The gel from an Aloe Vera plant is great for treating minor cuts and burns, dry skin and insect bites. The plant is also great at increasing your air quality and helps you fall asleep due to its calming properties.  

  • Spider plant 

The spider plant is also a very easy plant to take care of, studies have shown that the spider plant help can reduce blood pressure and help you feel soothed therefore aiding in improving your mental health and encourages good sleep. The spider plant is removes toxins from the air and also purifies the air, by getting rid of the unwanted odour and sustaining oxygen levels the spider plant promotes better quality sleep. 

  • Snake plant  

Another plant that is great for purifying the air is the snake plant, this plant is a natural air purifier, it produces and releases oxygen at night that helps you sleep better because, of the air quality. The snake plant is able to remove the chemical trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, xylene, benzene, and toluene which are harmful chemicals that can be present in the air. Some of these chemicals such as formaldehyde which comes from hairsprays which can cause respiratory problems so it is beneficial to have a plant like a snake plant in your home to naturally purify your air and help with your quality of sleep.  

  • Valerian 

The Valerian plant is a plant that has a sweet smell that has been used for centuries to help with sleep problems such as insomnia, the way this plant was used to help induce sleep and improve quality of sleep was though inhaling the scent of the Valerian. If you are struggling with sleeping then you can sniff some of the valerian petals to induce sleep of you can add some Valerian petals to your bath before you go to bed to fall asleep faster.  

These are just some of the plants that you can have in your bedroom to better your quality of sleep and to help you sleep better as it is common that most people have trouble falling asleep these plants may help induce better quality sleep. Not only to these plants help you fall asleep but they also look great in bedrooms adding some dept and colours in an effortless fashion, moist if not all of these plants are very easy to take care of so even beginner plant parents can take of them.  

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