Recycling Memory Foam

Recycling memory foam

Can memory foam be recycled?

Memory foam can be recycled to an extent, some memory foam contains bits of plastic which makes it hard for it all to be recycled. If you are adamant about recycling your memory foam you can always take it to a recycling centre.

How to reuse memory foam?

If you can reuse your memory foam by using it to create new products, you can cut the memory foam and use it to stuff your sofa pillows and make it look more full, you can also use it to make beds for your pets, for example, a dog bed.

If cannot be recycled?

Donate and sell, if your memory foam cannot be recycled and it is in good condition you can always donate it to a charity and they could get some use out of it. You can also sell it if it is in good condition, that way it can be of good use to others rather than end up in the recycling bins.

Throw away if your memory foam cannot be reused or is damaged beyond repair then you should definitely throw it away, if it has stains and is ripped to pieces and there is no other option but to throw it, you can always take it to a centre than disposed of objects, however, think of this as your last resort as it is most likely to end up in a landfill.

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