How To Relax Before going to Bed

Tips On How To Relax Before Bed


Sleep plays a crucial role in an improved quality of life. The ideal hours of sleep that you should be getting is at least 8 hours. However, this is not the case for all as some struggle to get their recommended hours of sleep as per their age. Also, sometimes the body and mind do not cooperate, making the sleeping process difficult.

There are several different methodologies you can try to relax your body and brain before sleeping. However, if the lack of sleep has a significant impact on your health and well-being then it may be helpful to consult a doctor. These tips will be adequate to provide you with a decent night's sleep.


Note down your stress and worries

When you're stressed or worried then you may find yourself contemplating about all the problems you have while in bed. To prevent such thoughts from ruining your sleep, take out at least 10 minutes to note these worries and possible solutions.

Pen and Paper


Create a good environment for sleep


Person using their phone in the dark


Avoid using your mobile phone, laptop, tablet or TV before bed as this will only keep you awake, disturbing your circadian cycle and the quality of your sleep.

Room temperature is another factor that can also regulate your sleep so ensure your room is not too hot or cold.

Also, it is useful to have black-out blinds or curtains to block out rays of sunlight from entering your bedroom.


Ensure a sleep schedule and adhere to it

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If you are struggling to sleep, then you should set a regular schedule for sleep and stick to it as this can reinforce your body's sleep cycle, making it easier to sleep. Activities such as having a bath or reading a book can help relax your body before bed.


Avoid eating and drinking before bed

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Snacking before or whilst in bed can be tempting and satisfying at the moment, however, doing so may lead to discomfort such as tossing and turning at night from the bloated feeling.

Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine-based drinks or nicotine before bed as these stimulants can keep you from sleeping at night.


Carry out sleep exercises

Woman Exercising



Concentrating on a simple mental activity can help induce sleep. Counting sheep may be an old-fashioned tactic, but it is successful to help to get sleep.

You can consider carrying out muscle relaxation exercises as this will not just relax your body but also your mind.


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