Should You Dispose of Your Mattress?

Should you dispose of your Mattress?

Right, it’s that time again to buy a new mattress. But have you ever wondered what to do when getting rid of or replacing an old mattress for a new mattress? Where does it go? In a landfill full of all kinds of mattresses only? Who knows for sure, but with researching and looking through the global network, I found some trustable information.

Depending on your Mattress and what it is made out of, certain Mattresses have a different operation. In order to correctly disassemble and recycle a Mattress, it must be pulled apart from what the stuffing may be, the material on whether or not it's polyester, cotton, latex, leather, or wool to what the springs are.

Due to new advanced and higher quality materials and techniques, some have a much longer procedure in either recycling, reusing, or completely getting rid of one. If you have looked at our previous blogs on our website, you may know that it is advised to change your mattress after 7-10 years. There are certain companies and organisations that can help you plan what to do with a used mattress, some are a few clicks away, some take just a call, some pick-up or you may have to drop off the mattress to them.

One legal website and company you can use is Sleep Council, the federal organization for manufacturing, procedures, marketing, and trading for mattresses within and outside of the UK by ensuring it is safe to use.

So no it is not necessary to throw nor dispose of your mattress as there are methods in place to reuse or recycle in a friendly environment way. You can recycle or refurbish furniture, cloth, textiles, foam, innerspring and even duvets.
Fun fact: Did you know that certain companies such as Ikea or Dream have a replacement warranty for an exchange of an old mattress for a new mattress? Certain packages and deals for Mattresses have a coupon, discount, or rebrand a Mattress if bought from the same store/department, some are for free others require an additional charge on top but of a lower and better value! Many more companies have the same offer, so make sure to check it out and place an order before it’s too late as they are first-come-first place.

In conclusion, should you dispose of your Mattress? I don’t think it is necessary anymore to throw out Mattresses, even air-filled and water beds considering charity organisations and legal federations such as Sleep Council can use it for free or may even offer you a small price in exchange.

Keep in mind that sometimes there is no need to get rid of your Mattress if it's still in good condition, you can rotate, flip it, and plush it out for the spring feeling or firmness you liked. Or may need deep cleaning for Mattress hygiene and a night of better sleep.

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