Should You Purchase A Storage Bed?

Should you purchase a storage bed?

What is a storage bed?

A storage bed is a bed that incorporates hidden compartments for extra storage in your bedroom. These types of beds are great for packing away spare bedding, pillows, or anything else you would like to keep out of sight. 

Dependent on the availability of space in your room, you can choose from:

  • Double and single beds with storage design
  • King and queen size bed with storage design

Advantages and disadvantages of storage bed:


  • Increase your home space- Recently people opt for the cleaner less cultured look and if you are living in a small bed room or even a studio apartment then you can collect clutter very fast. One of the main ways to increase your home space is to purchase a storage bed, as it has the storage space whilst been discreet. 
  • Using your modest space more effectively- Beds, particularly wooden beds, can be bulky and take up a lot of space especially for objects that we only use to sleep on. This is why people have been searching for alternative ways to utilize them. Therefore, if you are searching for a way to offer space and have your guest sleep soundly, you can opt for a single storage bed or even a double storage bed depending on the size of your room. 
  • Create additional space in your wardrobes and cupboards- Typically, people store seasonal items such as blankets, duvet covers, pillows and so on, in their wardrobes and cupboards, this takes up a lot of valuable space. As these items are only required at a certain time of the year, they can be stored away with a storage bed. This shift can open up a lot of extra space in wardrobes, where you keep day to day belongings such as clothes.   
  • Saves money- The storage bed saves money for individuals such as couple or students who have just moved in or purchased a new home and only have enough money for one item a bed or a wardrobe. In this situation the storage bed is the perfect solution as it is a bed that has storages space, so it solves both problems. 
  • Helps in transportation- Many storage beds come with DIY designs, so they are straightforward to assemble and disassemble. This makes them perfect for transportation as it isn’t hassle to put them together or take them apart when it’s time for travelling. 
  • Disadvantages-

  • Lifting the heavy mattress each time- The mattress will need to lift before accessing the storage area of the bed. If you have a king-size bed than that can be difficult as it will be heavy and tiresome task. A single storage bed is a lot easier compared to double storage beds but is still a tedious job. 
  • Moving the bed inside the house- If you are trying to move a king or queen size bed with storage space it becomes awkward and challenging to move if the bed needs to be moved in the room or home.   
  • Struggle in cleaning the bed- In comparison to bed that do not have storage, even a single bed with storage will have a lot more space. This means that you will have clean a bigger surface area this is because bed with storage is built with a larger wooden area that will need to be cleaned.

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