Single Beds

Single Beds

A single bed is around 90cm x 190cm and they don’t cost a lot, single beds can start from £100 and go as high as £400, depending on the materials used for the bed if it is made from fabric or a wooden bed frame or even a metal bed frame. There are many different types of single beds, they have different designs and colours.

Who are single beds suitable for?

Single beds are usually made for kids and teenagers, although they can be used by adults however there isn't enough room to move around so it isn't as comfortable or common for adults to use therefore it is advertised towards kids and teenagers,

Why opt for a single bed?

Single beds can be brought for many different reasons, they are a great option for when you want to save space, they are popular for kids and teenagers, and single beds are the smallest mattresses that can be brought. Therefore, they are great for storage and great size and are easy to put away and get out for when guests come over to stay. People may opt for single beds more as they are easier to move around.

Where to buy a single bed?

Single beds can be found online, in furniture stores and even through different forms of advertisement for example social media posts and messages from family and friends informing you about places to buy beds.

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